Guy I am seeing didn't text/call on new years

We've been talking and seeing each other for a month and a half. We met online, and have been on a couple dates.

He went on a trip for a few days with his friends and he's been good about texting me the entire time.

New years eve, was hoping to hear from him during the night to wish me a happy new years and nothing.

A part of me thinks I should let it go because we aren't official.

Another part of me wants to be mad because he says all these things that he really likes me, that I'm "his girl", that I'm "perfect for him" and then does this.

Am I over analyzing?
he totes wrote me like, one min after I wrote this. lmao

Guess I am over analyzing.


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  • I was going to answer as if you hadn't updated this.

    You probably were overanalyzing. Most of the time, if a guy is into you and knows you're into him, he will make time for you, no matter what...but you have to remember, New Years is a big DRINKING night. He probably felt he should be sober, before calling/texting you, as to not say anything wrong i.e. slurred speech etc..


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