Confused about ex's actions.

So I'm not in contact with my ex. We have only exchanged one text on Christmas since the end of November. Things ended kind of suddenly and I'm trying to give him space to sort things out for himself and hopefully miss me.

The only connection I have to him is twitter, lame I know. But since the break up, half the things he posts are angry or emotional/hurt lyrics or sayings. It makes me feel like he's still having a hard time with the break up. Which gives me a sort of hope about getting back together, but also tells me I should stay in no contact.

last night, a girl I don't know posted two pictures on Facebook of him, which I only saw because it was on my newsfeed. The first picture was him holding a dog and he said "my new years kiss" and the second was him and a girl. they were both captioned "spending the new year with that special someone. even if that someone is furry." So I can't tell if they're seeing each other or are more than friends, or if they're just friends and I'm reading into it too much.

I don't know her, which is probably why it's so unsettling.

I could use some unbiased thoughts right now and anything positive that could give me hope would be great, but your true thoughts would be appreciated, even if it's not what I want to hear.

I'm hoping I'm thinking about it too much and it's nothing. Thanks in advance.


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  • It might be a rebound. Guys don't run around falling in love one after that's my guess.

    But I am honestly not the best at understanding these types of things...Its so difficult!

    • Yeah, I feel like he's still hurt by our split so if it's anything it is a rebound. But there's no way to know. And we're not speaking, but I was going to start communicating with him again in a week. But now I"m not sure if I should..

    • I understand. I ask the same thing about contacting a guy. What is the primary reason you are holding back and wanting to contact him? What was the cause of your break-up? I always feel like when you give the guy space to contact you it works better because he's making a conscious decision.

    • when you see this you can send me a message if you want to talk more about this. Thanks!

  • Ignore all of that. Remind yourself of the reason you broke up in the first place.


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