Was he trying to make me jealous?

he let this girl hit on him. She was disgusting and kept making advances. The nice thing was that he kept denying her. The bad thing was that his back was turned to me and not once did he try and talk to me.

I text a guy friend to come down and hang out since I was being ignored. The guy I like glared at my friend several times and even at me. He ended up leaving, shook the girl's hand like it was a business transaction. When I asked him if he was leaving, he snapped at me.

I text him for new years and he never replied. Hasn't text me. He usually does. He's hurt but why? Shouldn't I be the hurt one here?

WHY is he upset with ME? He wasn't making any attempt to talk to ME!
Update: I finally heard from him and he's acting as if nothing happened. He reached ├┤ut to me so I'm happy. I'm not one to realjy be confrontational either so I didn't mention anything. This is a good sign, right?


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  • "He 'let' this girl hit on him"? Wait, you said that he denied her, over and over again. So, how was he letting her do anything? He's not in control of what she decides to do. If keeps shutting her down, then it's not his fault she keeps coming back. He probably didn't pull you in because he didn't want the situation to escalate. If she's crazy enough to keep coming back after being soundly rejected, chances are she'd probably have picked a fight with you if he'd started giving you attention. I think he played it smart. You seem immature to try to make him jealous, he probably kept you out of a fight. Smh.

    • Interesting take on the situation.

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  • I guess he's upset because you're someone he likes and assumed that your guy friend who came was someone you're interested in.

    He's not trying to make you jealous but rather showing that he can be friendly with people, and when his back is turned at you, he's just nervous to talk to you and doesn't know if he can move things with you.

    • In normal circumstances he would have turned to me if at all. Maybe he was just flattered over the attention? That's why I thought he was tryin to make me jealous. He seemed super upset when my friend (whom he didn't know) came over.

  • I think he was the one that was jealous. If you're talking to someone and a person of the opposite gender keeps staring at you it's normally cause they like you or have something for you. And why would you be jealous when he kept denying the girl and ended it off with a handshake aha. By the way you could've made the attempt to talk to him if you wanted to.

    • I tried talking to him. He was pissy and agitated and this was before my guy friends got there

    • That's weird did he see you with your guy friends at any time before this day?

    • Nope. He doesn't know of these guys. I hardly ever hang out with guys there. Oh and he was glancing (more like glaring) at my guy friend. He also glared at me. I was jealous because as much as kept denying her advances, he still had his back turned to me and also let her lean against him (side by side as in up against his shoulder)

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