I accidentally drunk texted him. Guys: would that turn you off?

Okay title basically says it all. But I drunk texted my crush on New Years and I'm a little worried that I completely ruined my chances with him. He's out of state visiting some friends for the new years. Anyway, I wasn't completely "smashed" and I didn't say anything bad. Here's some of our conversation:

Him: hahahahahaha having some drinks?

Me: Not that muchhhhhhhh hahaha I don't normally do this haha.

Him: HAHAHAHA sallll good

Me: Do you think I'm weird? Hahaha

Him: Hahahaha of course not :)

Me: Yayyy! (: You're so nicee (: your awesome(:

Me: Ughh I'm gonna regret this in the morning

Him: Hahaha you'll be fine ;)

Me: Am I funny? (:

Him: Hahaha dude you are :)

Me: Yayy! We should have funnn hahaha that sounded weird :) what are you doing? I wanna hug :)

Him: Hahaha (my name) you're awesome :)

Me: Yayy! You know I'm not a bad person right?

Him: Oh of course not man! It's all good :)

Guys: Would you be turned off by that? I'm just trying to figure things out haha.


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  • I think it was all harmless. No harm done, no turn-off for me. It was New Year's after all. Don't sweat it.

  • If he's into you, then it shouldn't be a problem because now he knows you're into him as well. If he's not into you, then you wouldn't have had a chance to begin with so it's a moot point.

    From his reaction, I see these as the possibilities:

    He is into you and thought it was funny but not really out of the norm because a lot of people, regardless of their normal social activities, will drink and often sometimes a little too much on New Year's. I doubt you'll come off looking like someone who gets drunk all the time because it was a special occasion when a lot of people might drink a little too much.

    He isn't into you and was only trying to be nice with his conversation because he doesn't dislike you and doesn't want to tell you to leave him alone and is chalking it up to just a drunk night.

    If it were me, and I were into you, I'd start to inquire more about the conversation a bit later asking what exactly you meant, if it was the alcohol speaking or you speaking (with lowered inhibitions from the alcohol). If he follows up asking about the conversation, then he'll be trying to figure out if you are interested in him.

    • "If he's into you, then it shouldn't be a problem because now he knows you're into him as well."

      He could tell I was into him from that conversation? Oh jeez haha

    • Not necessarily. That's why I followed up what I said with he might have thought it was just the alcohol talking. He might try to follow up with you to try and figure out if those were real feelings that the alcohol lowered your inhibitions enough for you to say, or if it was the alcohol talking and you didn't mean them.

    • At face value, yes it shows that you're interested in him. Excessive use of emoticons, compliments, saying you should have funnn, asking what he's doing, and that you want a hug :) are all things that show you're interested. But it may be disregarded as just alcohol.

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