How can I tell if my co worker is interested in me, or if he's just being friendly?

I've been working with this guy for a few months now, but since the Black Friday sale (I work in retail), I noticed that I'm starting to develop feelings for him. I think he might be interested, but I could be misreading him. I don't have that much experience with guys, so I'm a little confused as to which it is.

I had to register train a new guy the night after our big sale, and it was just the new guy, him, and me up at the cash-wrap. The new guy was being openly flirtatious to me, asking questions more than needed so I would help him. Well the guy I like came over, stood in between us, and bagged the clothes for me as I rang them up, and stayed there for a while after. I think he was jealous even though I wasn't flirting with the new kid.

Lately, my cute co worker and I have been working similar weekly schedules because of the holidays. When it's not holiday season, we only see each other once every week. So, I've been spending quite a lot of time recently with him...

When I work with him and we aren't assigned to the same area or cashiering together, he finds excuses to come to my area of the store to talk to me. He always says hi to me with a big smile on his face, and seems to enjoy saying my name. He always tries to impress me and make me smile and laugh. When he has a chance, he stands within close proximity to me. If we clock in at the same time, he waits for me. He's seems very interested in what I have to say, and likes things on Facebook of mine. Once, my phone died and I had to contact my father (I'm under 18) to let him know I was coming home because of bad weather. He eagerly offered his phone for me to use.

So, the questions are, do you think he's interested? If he is, how do I get his number/ give him mine? Do guys mind if a girl is forward like that? Do you have any tips for me?

I would really like a guys opinion on these things, but girls are welcome to answer too.
I haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks now, and I never know who I'm working with every week. Since I'm friends with him in Facebook, should I ask him on there? If I should, how do I do this without being awkward or creepy? Help me, please!


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  • Yes, he's definitely interested because he's beginning to invest his time for you.

    He wants to be near you always, and that's a big sign.

    The guy are the ones who will offer to get your number, however you can say "Tomorrow I may be late for work, and I want to contact you if something happens. What's the best way to contact you?"

    • Thanks, but I never really know when I'm working with him. I haven't worked with him since December 27th. I updated the question, so what would you suggest for me?

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