At what point do you give up the games?

I know for a fact this guy likes me, but won't admit it. He hated when I mentioned another guy and turned up the flirting. So I mentioned how I spent new years eve with the same guy. He wouldn't talk to me and when he did he got very hateful then remorseful. I am off this weekend and he wanted to know all my plans. Once again seemed to get pissed off that I might be hanging with my friend again (he actually is my friend for real) and spent the whole night at work ignoring me and flirting with the only other girl that was working. We are 30 years old. He won't do anything when I try to get him to hang out, but he always wants to know what I am up to and who I am with. Should I just give up?
Ugh I can't submit comments for some reason. But he gives me crap reasons as to why he can't hang out and then tells me he went out with his boys. He wants to know what I did and then gets upset and jealous seeming if I mention I hung out with my best guy friend.


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  • That's the problem with shy guys, they don't make moves on the girl they like, but they will get all whiny when she talks to other guys. Next time he gets nosy about what you are doing later, tell him it's none of his business (jokingly).

    • Well I've given him plenty of chances even invited him over to my house. Might just see what his breaking point is at this point. Nothing to lose really. He isn't making a move and just pissing me off so why not?

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  • A game is something that's played by 2 people. I know women never think they do anything wrong, but maybe you're giving him some reason to not want to speak to you or hang out.

    • It is all a game.

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    • Does that justify playing one Justmew?

    • I would like to mention I'm not playing the game because I want to, he started it. And I took the advice of the guy that gets any girl he wants and got nothing out of it (other than getting yelled at).

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  • I'd let him go at this point. It sounds like you're fed up. In that case, I suggest you move in and find someone who is willing to spend time with you and doesn't stick his nose where it doesn't belong in the meantime.

    Let's face it, this guy is getting pissy about you hanging out with another guy, but he won't make an effort to see you? If he had some claim to you, fine, I could totally understand his frustration with you spending time with another guy, but he seems to not want to make any move to call you his own.

    By 30, he should be adult enough to tell you what the deal is. If you still wonder, I think you should ask him outright what the deal is. If you get more of the same excuses, that's all the answer you need anyway.

    • Thanks. I mean my boy and I thought the guy just needed a little encouragement to hit on me for real. But seems that backfired, but oh well. I can only take him not responding to my advances so long before it's just old. And as soon as I feel that way he turns up the flirting every time. Ugh it's annoying.

    • He probably notices you're losing interest and doesn't want to lose your attention.

      Some people are like that, they're very good at knowing when someone is interested and they just want to have the attention. It's not that they aren't aware and therefore aren't making an effort. It's a matter of them wanting you to chase after them while they toy with you.

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