MAC vs. PC which one should I buy?

Im a college freshman going into the spring semester in a week, I need a new laptop due to the one I have is a netbook and have had it since sophomore year in high school. My dad will be buying me the laptop so money is not a problem. I want to get something that will make it through college and after that for my career. Any good laptop is an investment. I have used a MAC ihome when I took summer school the summer before senior year. It was obviously different from using a PC but after playing with it a minutes I got the hang of it.

Please help!

If you have a MAC why do you like it better than PC? Did you switch from PC to MAC?

If you have a PC have you ever used a MAC? Would you switch to MAC since all the new laptops have the new windows 8 system?

Take in mind that all new laptops have windows 8 which is much different from the older system that I like much better


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  • PC. Here's why...

    The future of laptops is rather grim, in that technology is transitioning to a new era of touch screen technology. Windows 8 is symbolic of this transition, as it's best features operate on touch/swipe user input. As for Apple's current OS, they are still lagging behind on laptops and PCs. So if the next laptop you buy is indeed a MAC, you'll lose out on this feature for another 1-2 years. Not only that, Macs are notorious for being impossible to upgrade (in terms of hardware), whereas PCs are generally upgrade friendly.

    The second major reason you want to stick with PC is inter-compatibility. Once you buy Apple products and download applications and songs from iTunes, you're stuck using that hardware because of Apple's AAC encoding. If you stick with the Android market and MP3/VBR formats, you're able to access and use all of your media and applications on a plethora of devices. Having that flexibility will pay it's dividends in the future as the Android market (Google Play) expands and more companies come out with great products that destroy Apple's.

    Now, I mentioned the Android Market and Apps because this is the particular product I'm recommending. It's called the HP Envy X2 It's a hybrid ultrabook that snaps onto a fully functioning keyboard. It's basically both a laptop and a tablet, so if you're done typing and being productive, you can remove the tablet and enjoy watching movies and running cool apps (which are from the Google Play store). Of course, Windows 8 makes the whole experience a breeze. If you don't like the HP Envy x2, there are plenty of other more powerful options as well as the Microsoft Surface . If you just don't like tablets, there are still many powerful PC laptops featuring touch screen and Windows 8. Just dig around.

    Hopefully this sways your decision the right way.

    • *Correction "As for Apple's current OS, they are still lagging behind on laptops and *DESKTOPS*"

    • That's a dubious claim... Macs have been using trackpad based multitouch gestures for a while now. It's actually pretty fantastic, IMO. All sorts of tap/swipe/pinch/rotate commands are available. Yes, it's not a touchscreen, but even so, those trackpads are amazing. And for upgrades, the non-Retina MBP's have user serviceable RAM and HDs, just need the right size screwdrivers.

    • Right, it's not a touch screen.

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  • Use PC.

    If you're aiming to use it for E-MAIL, Facebook, GirlsaskGuys, and extreme gamings, then it's the best choice.

    MAC is for the people who are programmers, video editors, music mixers, and other computer-related stuffs that are so complicated for normal humans to understand.

  • It's rare for a modern day laptop that you buy today to last 5 years these days.

    A lot of engineering programs won't run on a Mac as well as it does on a PC, am told the same is true for plenty of financial analysis software as well.

    Macs tend to last better than most PC laptops, though newer ones aren't quite as well built as previous ones, especially if you buy the Macbook Air. If you buy a PC then get a Lenovo ThinkPad or a Fujitsu... both are robust and will last for a long time.

  • Mac is for people who are more into Media and stuff.

    PC's are for MUCH more serious people.

    In the end its what you expect to get out of the laptop and what type of subject you will study in college.

    • How is mac any better for media, they're the exact same hardware, but overpriced.

    • Apples editing softwares is good for anybody interested in media

    • Yes I agree with the fact they are overpriced and overrated

  • I have a MacBook Air and I really like. The battery life is good and it's light. The vent fan basically never runs so its completely silent compared to every other laptop I've seen or used. I just like everything about it ;p

  • I'd recommend a Mac simply for Apple's extended warranty option and customer service.

    I've had a 13" MacBook Pro for a bit over 3 years now, still works fine, but it's processor (Core 2 Duo) is majorly put of date. It does everything I ask it to though. The new ones with the ivy bridge processors, USB 3.0, lightning I/O, hd webcam, are certainly pretty amazing machines... Then there's the Retina Display models... Holy crap those are gorgeous!

    A Mac will do everything you want to do (including run windows 8 if that's your thing) and they have good deals for education discounts and the warranties and customer service are top notch.

  • Buy a MAC they are much better are they are impossible ton get a virus in. Also their warranty is so much easier to go through.

  • I've been a pc user for years, but recently bought a macbook pro. I'd say they're a lot better all around, in terms of dependability and usability. Windows 8, is horrible for laptops, but wonderful for tablets and mobile devices. Right now the retina display pro's go for around 1600 on the apple shop site, but you can find them for 1300 at certain retailers online. Id say go for that model price, if you can afford it. Technically, you'd be paying more than if you bought a pc, but I'm pretty sure a mac lasts far longer than your average computer.

  • Go with a PC

    • But do you like the new system 8 that all new pc's have? I've kinda played with it a little bit at the store

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