Is there a way back from this?

On new years eve I was invited to my new girlfriends house to meet her parents. I was totally polite and made a good initial impression but as the night wore on I was offered all manner of different drinks. I thought the right thing to do was to accept them all but, as I'm not normally a drinker, I ended up being very sick.

Now her parents don't like me and she has become very distant. She wants to meet in the week for a chat to tell me things and said, "its not only about you".

I suspect she'll say something about not being ready for a relationship or similar in order to let me down gently.

Do I have any options to recover this situation (have already apologized to her and her parents in person)?
Well this ended with me getting the classic "lets be friends" line. Ho hum :-(

Thanks to everyone for their help.


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  • If you've already apologized, there's nothing else for you to do here but just wait if you so choose to. Everyone makes mistakes and you shouldn't be judged by that. Was your behavior belligerent?

    • Not at all - if anything I may have come across as being 'too nice' until the point where I was sick.

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    • Story of my life that is - I'm on top form when I'm emotionally detached but those pesky women who come into my life spoil everything :-)

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  • It could go either way. GIve it time. You've said your piece, leave it at that.

    Do you really want to be in a family (or with a girl) that gives you drink after drink then gets upset if you get sick?

    In my family if you did that we would laugh at you and probably take a picture and then you would be one of us.

    Don't be afraid to politely decline drinks in the future.

    • Funny you should mention that - the comments I've got from friends and family are either that I was stupid to drink so much or that they would have laughed about it then checked I was OK the next day.

      To simply make it such a big issue as they have is a stance I should take into consideration. Thanks for your viewpoint.

    • They seem judgemental. They may judge you for every little thing in the future! Tread lightly. If you stay with the girl they will be your family too.

    • Very true, and I think they have a lot of influence over their daughter too...

  • Sounds crazy! Why offer them to you if they didn't want you drinking them...AND 2) why did you drink them if you didn't want them? You can still be polite and turn something down...

    • I obviously have to take some responsibility here - I was probably trying too hard to impress her parents in order to impress her. The stupid thing is, I'm normally so in control of myself that it must be 20+ years since I last got in that state - its just not who I am but is, alas, the impression they all have of me now :-(

    • Listen, we're humans and we ALL make mistakes. If they can't accept that, then do you want to be around them?

    • Hmmmm... the obvious response would be to say no but then the way I feel about the girl is just so different to anything I've felt before (crazy at my age I know) that things are not so simple in my mind as perhaps they should be.

  • Nobody's perfect, so what you had too many drinks.I am sure her family has had some moments, people need to realize that their own sh!t stinks too. If you have been treating their daughter right and with respect. Then kuddos, and if she calls it quits like that and let her family convince her over then she wasn't the one anyway. People can always point the finger at others not realizing how many are pointing back at them!

    • Yep, thanks to the answers here I've come around to thinking that I am not entirely to blame for this situation and that I have done all I can to put things right. I'm having 'the chat' tomorrow so we'll see what happens...

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  • Unless you're not telling the whole story & you were really swinging from their $10,000 chandeliers like a drunk monkey while puking all over them ...

    walk away from them bunch of self centered prudes. People drink, people get sick. It's no big deal & def not a reason not to like someone. They will just find another reason not to like you down the road anyways, like parking your car wrong, or you clothes, even if you do recover from this one..

    • If there was a second incident in which they reacted similarly then I'd definitely have to agree with that.

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