Let's take things slow =)

Why do people say lets take things slow

it doesn't make sense

you act as if people develop feelings at the same pace

even if you intend on it

Doesn't at least one person get more emotionally attached than the other?

Would you ever say it? Mean it? And then regret it?

Thanks in advance =)


Most Helpful Guy

  • It could be that or it could be that he really does want to take things slow. You shouldn't be surprised that he does. You should be happy that he does, most guys aren't like that. Maybe he was in a relationship before that ended terribly and he was hurt. Maybe he still is hurt and he just wants to be aware of you and where you guys are going before he rushes into anything. It's not that he is trying to reject you. If he wasn't interested he would have just strung you along & later left you for the worst.

    • Well I'm not in that situation but I've known a few friends who have been strung along when guys have said that to them.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Some people doesn't want to take the risk or want to have the consequences soon so they take things slow. Some are aggressive so regardless of the risk/consequences, they pursue their dream person.

    Some wants to know the person better so they take things slow.


What Girls Said 2

  • I think it's kind of a way of saying you don't want to be to serious to soon.When you meet someone it's usually all new and interesting whereas after you've known them a while it might be before was just a crush and you didn't have actual feelings for them.so maybe it's a way of ensuring you have genuine feelings for each other first.When people break up and get back together they sometimes say it,I guess it's just so you can get to know each other again or more without having the pressure of the serious relationship.

    • Yes but it sucks when someone gets hurt because of it.

  • People say it because someone's usually ready to move faster (in a relationship) than the other person. Feelings sometimes have nothing to do with it; sometimes, they have everything to do with it. It's dang near impossible for 2 people to have the exact same level of attraction in the exact same way, so yeah- someone will always be at least slightly ahead.

    Personally, I don't like to dive headfirst into relationships if I feel like the level of attraction is grossly different; it's a bad move. In that case I'd be more than willing to suggest we take things slow. Genuine attraction is something that some people develop over long periods of time, and when it comes to relationships, the genuine kind should be the only kind you're after.


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