Why is everything she says to him on fb not there after some time?

its like she says she misses and X ( him ) blah blah the next hour the post is no longer there :( .. and I can't see all that .. always she says something on his well next minute next hour is no longer there.

And yesss I spoke with X as well if you read my previous 2 questions you'll know please help and read them , I thought he liked me ;/ please to understand read other 2 qs and help me what's you think ?i willl take your words to my heart ...


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  • I was able to find only one previous question.

    Anyhow, he probably deletes the post after a while. Maybe he doesn't really appreciate the fact that she wrote it on his wall, so he removes it. Reading your earlier question it seems as if he likes you and/or is interested in you. I can't tell if he's being sincere and what his true intentions are, but he definitely wants something from you. Try to figure it out by getting closer to him, perhaps go for a coffee or something like that.

    • but see he writes back also in a nice way sometimes just likes the post and then boom boom its gone hehe :P I don't know why I asked that was just thinking .. I don't know if people are just playing around or they mean it .. ummm hmmm I don't wanna seem pushy and as if I was obsessed I just don't get it can people be 2 faced ? say different things to different people?

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  • You can't control how someone else feels about a guy. I don't know the history so a short recap could be handy. But maybe he deleted the posts because he doesn't want them there?

    • i knowww I knoww but we spoke for more than 10 months and very veryy often like I mean it and once at 2 am that was 2 weeks ago hw asked me to Skype cause he has something sentimental to say and you know like the things I've been hearing. its not that I care I just don't understand whether its this type of a person or what is the story . an X also told me that you know ehm I'm special blah blah and the next day I see her posting things like miss you and stuff then again its all gone .. ;/;(

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    • i knowwww but that's about a girl that I don't even know.

    • Those are the only two options you have...: ask him and know for sure, or not ask him and keep stressing, making yourself go crazy about it and thinking and worrying... That last option ain't gonna help nobody.

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