Are there girls who actually enjoy being physical?

Had to move last year to a new area, met a girl when I lived in North Carolina who was tall (6'-1") played volleyball and was very athletic. She was so much fun to be with and in our private time she liked to be in charge, she especially liked to horse around and was 5 inches taller than me so had a definite size advantage.

One of her most amazing attributes was she had very long and powerful legs and embarassingly when she wrapped them around me it took very little effort on her part to make me submit.

Since then we've lost touch and I find myself wondering if there are other girls like her, and if so, do they enjoy this power that they have?


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  • I like someoen else to dominate me

    I'm not the type that likes to do that to giys


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  • He'll yea for me so if you find one girl out there that does it your sure to find more just be patient shell come.

  • I am not sure, but I think they are far and few.


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