How to get over an Ex who had came back in your mind?

So yeah, I've been over an Ex girlfriend who broke up with me about 4-5 months ago. I was completely over her, literally I was dating other girls and was happy. Heck I even travel with a few friends and this one girl I had an interested on and even got laid. But during the New Years where I was with this new girl. All I could think of was my ex girlfriend... I felt really bad because I really liked this new girl. Later that night... my ex had text me happy new year and even said she missed me... I was strong at first but now, I am really missing her even though she played me for a fool... Thanks for reading, and please do give me some advice on how to either get over this, or any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


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  • I do not think you ever forgot your ex but feelings always come back. If you are just dating and you want to pursue your ex.Why not? If she cheated on you I wouldn't go back to her. If you want to be friends just let her know. Otherwise, just keep it moving.

    • these feeling sucks.. honestly. But do you have any ideas or whatever activity it is that I need to do to try to get her off my mind?

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    • Well after our break, I saw her ran after some guy to make me jealous. Which worked perfectly because I lost all focus of my life. I consider that unfaithful, wouldn't you?

    • Umm

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  • date someone else

  • You are obviously not over her yet.


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