Is this normal behavior for an ex?

Is it normal for your ex to not speak to you for over six months and then randomly text you happy birthday?

He went on to ask what I was doing that night, which was new years and told me he was spending his at home.

I found it strange because he was dating a girl who was good friends with people that had a new years party when we were together. I'm probably just reading too much into it but I don't know with him!


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  • It happens, yes. I find it silly though.

    If you weren't talking for six months and suddenly you found your ex contacting you, it's because he's either:

    1) Feeling lonely that night. Maybe the girl dumped him or is treating him badly or he wants to make her jealous or whatever failure in their relationship. He thought of contacting you for an ego boost in order to feel wanted by women. Getting a response from you is so refreshing. It means that he's still desired.

    2) He wants to be friends with you once more. He thought of giving you time to heal and then contact you to regain your friendship. Your birthday is a good excuse for him to contact you without looking awkward or desperate (according to him). He wishes you take him back as a friend because he values the friendship you once had together.

    3) He's drunk and lonely. He didn't put much thought into what he did.

    4) He finds no better option than you, so he wants to reconcile (whether it's because he misses you for real or because he's after your free love supply).

    All in all, if you've moved on don't look behind. He's part of your past anyway.

    Hope this helps. :)


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