Why do boys tease me?

Why do boys tease me? They all have girlfriends or love interests, but, they harass me.Like, if I walk into a classroom a boy I know, but don't really talk to will say, OHH IT'S (name). It's very strange. This one kid I know moans my name in the hallway and I know who he likes. Most of them say they like my 'reaction' but I'm not even sure what that means. Do they like to hear me talk? I used to think they just liked me but they don't pay any special attention to me sometimes. Sometimes I won't be able to sit in a classroom without getting pick-up lines told to me or being poked or my hair pulled. Sometimes they get out of hand and make up inappropriate rumors and jokingly ask me out or for 'favors'. . . But, other times I can sit in class bored out of my mind and not one of them will talk to me. So boys, is there really a point to all this teasing or are they just bored?


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  • They probably think you're hot


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  • I agree with anonymous


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