Would a girl act annoyed towards a guy she likes?

Im just wondering because this girl is hard to read. She seems to enjoy talking to me because she had a smile on her face when she does it, we joke around, tease each other and give each other a hard time but then she starts being serious and acting annoyed with me and she is fine with everybody else. So I ask her what is wrong and she says she is fine. Then five minutes later she'll make a comment or a joke and if I don't laugh, she'll tell me I'm mad or butthurt it dramatic and then after a bit if talking, she'll go back to being annoyed.

We usually have a lot of fun talking and our friends see this but then she acts weird and if, say, I walk by her without saying anything she'll make comments like "wow, you walked by without saying a word, that was unexpected" so I take that as her wanting me to say something, what is up with her?


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  • I sometimes do that to just to make the guy I like give me attention .I act annoyed and he starts smiling and caring. I'm not that sure about you.She seems annoyed if you don't say something ,which means she wants you to talk to her.


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  • Girls act mean to the guys they like ;)

    Google that ^


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