Applying for a new job, will unfinished college affect my chances?


So I current have been with this company that I work for for about 5 years now.. I'm in a very good postion right now, and I don't really want to leave it, to go to a job that might be cut.. But I'm getting tired of doing the same old thing... And would like to do something in sales... So w.e I've been making connections with people in the office and trying to figure out who would like to sponsor me to get into sales... And I finally got a VP to sponsor me.. Now my issue is...

I have been to university, I went to UOT (university of Toronto) But I didn't finish... I went for 2 years, and quit.. I didn't like what I was studying and my mother basically forced me into it... Will this stop me from moving into another position?...


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  • I would suggest finishing your degree if you can, whatever it is. Lots of people say a degree is useless, and they are right in a way, but the most important thing a degree gives is a certificate that shows you have the ability to learn a persevere to achieve a goal. That in itself proves you are worth something. You may want to consider staying in your current position while working to finish your degree. It's not easy, but it's doable.


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