After more than a year of no contact, I'm unsure of his motives.

I met him through a friend two years ago around New Years. He approached me first and we hit it off right away trading numbers and texting each other everyday, all day. He asked me out for three dates one of which was dinner on Valentine's Day, right afterward he called me and told me he couldn't wait to see me again. We made arrangements for dinner and a movie at his house. It was great, he went though the trouble to cook me my favorite meal and over dinner we had a very personal conversation, letting our skeletons out of the closet. We discovered we had much more in common than we realized.

We both drank too much and once thing lead to another, which I never intended but don't regret. The next morning though was comfortable no awkwardness. He dropped me off but after that nothing. I waited a week then I messaged him asking him what was up. He came out right away saying that he wasn't ready for a relationship, which I respected. He had just gotten out of a three year relationship and had just moved out four months prior, but I was still hurt. Afterward he was cold towards me, I had enough of his behavior, when I called him on it and got no reply. I left it there and just stopped contact all together. Both of us ended up in relationships with different people, and continued not speaking, he deleted me from FB to which my attitude was good-riddance.

In July however, he messaged me again on FB, starting a casual conversation. I was open to his reaching out, but treated him with suspicion. He told me he was going through a rough time, including a breakup, I offered a supportive speech like I would with any other friend. He started flirting with me, to which I immediately told him off assuming he knew of my current relationship. Our conversations afterward were short mostly taking place on holidays.

After my relationship ended, he and I began to reconnect, sharing our mutual interests and perspectives. He invited me to hang out with him on Friday. To which I agreed, it was the first time seeing him in a long while. We tried to go out for dinner first, however we quickly decided we'd rather wander around town, stopping at different pubs for a brew. We ended up at his best friend's home (the first time I've met her) for games, when it got late he invited me over for a movie. I accepted and after the film (and lots of cuddling) I began to leave. He offered for me to stay the night as it was a dangerous area, I declined, but he insisted. Before bed we cuddled and talked some more about our lives, and again (this time sober) one thing lead to another. That morning he tried to convince me to stay for the day to "cuddle". I declined due to a work commitment. He drove me home, I told him I had a great time and left him with a kiss.

I haven't heard from him yet, however I don't know what I should do. My brother is convinced that he still has feelings for me, however I have little faith in others, what do you think boys and girls?


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  • I think he's planning to make a move on you, sometime later.

    Trust his brother. Siblings have this accurate instinct on how their bro/sis is feeling.

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day