This girl is starting to creep me out? Thoughts?

She is cute and all but her attitude is starting to scare me I go to the same school as her (but I don't know her personally but she knows many of my friends- from outside school) She would always comment on their status for whatever reason. Before the holidays she would always stare at me every once in a while deeply.

Now back from the holidays, I thought her crush was gonna be over but hell no. I'm now in her class and she did stare at me but she was busy talking to her guy friend. and she would always mimick my moves like I always wear hoodies indoor with the hood and she did the same I would stand up to put on my coat she would do the same... lol then after class she was talking to some guy and she was staring at me as I was walking by and I told myself not to look at her but her stare was so intense I couldn't avoid and she didn't take her eyes off me Funny thing is I never remember having a conver with her. I know she might be attracted to me but isn't it scary?

I am 18 btw


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  • She's trying to make sure you know she likes you so that you'll ask her out or something. She's been reading all this stuff on the internet that says you have to prove to guys that you like them so they'll talk to you. She's just kind of bad at it hahaha.

    Don't get creeped out, just realize that she's not super smart. If you like her, then definitely try to talk to her, maybe try to be friends a little or something. Try teasing her and see if she loosens up. But if she keeps acting like a stalker, then maybe just tell her to back off a little.


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  • I don't think that's scary, just kinda weird.
    It's not like she follows you or got your number from someone and harasses you.
    If you're uninterested, don't give her any attention. don't look back at her.

    • Lol it was 2 years ago

    • and by the way there is another girl who got my number from someone , thats stalker?

    • Wtf why is this on the feed haha
      I think that's creepy yeah

  • nothing about this is scary or stalkerish but really you must be watching her so much so to know that.


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