Why would a girl act difficult towards a guy and then be all talkative?

I don't get this girl, we have great, funny arguments/conversations everyday but then there are some days she acts difficult and like I'm bugging her, she doesn't say " leave me alone" but she is sarcastic, acts like she doesn't care, calls me names etc.

Then the same day or day after, she'll be all talkative and "trying" to get my attention, making jokes etc. what is going on? Should I leave her alone? No? What does she want? She only gets like this with me and when I ask her why, she says "because its you" or "are you still you? Then don't complain" :/


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  • She might be trying to friend zone you or she might like you and be trying to sh*t test you. Either way, it kind of sounds like she's a difficult case.

    Either way, this is girl who you have to be more bossy with. Don't take her crap. Either she will realize that she can't use you as a friend or you will pass her sh*t test and she'll like you because you're strong.

    If you're not a bossy person, and don't like to be one, then this could be the wrong girl for you. You'll need to find a sweeter girl who acts less crazy.


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  • She could just be tired of waiting for you to make a move.


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  • It could be she was having one of those days. lol


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