I still like him but he has a new girl now please help me

my guy told me that he got UTI. we make love but that was a long time ago last year on June but only once and I never make love to other guy only him. I ask when his last sex he said he have sex to one other girl but he clear to me that was not a bar girl they sex on December and he got infected I was so sad. because I feel he stab me on my back that he make love to other girl he told me that we are over and I nee d to move on that he like a new girl now :(


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  • Gee, it's good this guy is stayig away from you now and is out infecting someone else!

    You know some dieases now are resistant to ALL antibiotics! Don't take any chances with this guy, he's bad news.

    Be glad he is gone, don't be sad about it. He was actually doing you a favor.

  • if you're in love with him tell him that because we alway's hold on to the girl's who love us & my advice if you just like him you should try to get in another relationship because he's with another girl now.


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