When a guy jokingly says "lets go for breakfast?" Is he being serious or not?

my coworker had an hour before he started, He told a guy he didn't know how to kill the time, he saw me, came over, and said "unless XXXX wants to go to breakfast? I thought he was joking, so I jokingly said, "yeah, sounds good." And he said "really?"

And I didn't say anything back.

Before everyone here says he was being serious,he has asked me "when are going to go out" before, I told him anytime, but he never made any plans after that. So that's why I'm taking this as a joke from him.

did I screw up? thought please...:)


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  • it sounds like he threw it out there half jokingly (as a way to avoid feeling awkward if you weren't interested) but then when you said sure then he felt re-enforeced.

    it doesn't sound like you screwed up. if you'd like to go to breakfast tell him. If not tell him you thought he was just joking around.


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