What can anybody tell me from this?

More than just f*** buddies?

So a few years back I started conversating with this guy, we talked for about a year with no intentions of ever meeting although we had seen each other previously from afar prior to talking. Time passed and it seemed as we had grown attached since we first talked, not wanting to say we had started getting into each other.. still not having not onedate or meeting in person. We stopped talking for a period of about five months after he said something that offended me..of course he kept trying then gave up after he got no responds..after about three or four months something brought me back to wanting totalk to him so I did. I sent him a textand he replied, jess? I said yes.l & he said took long enough, finally. So we continued talking once again and the topic of meeting came up I told him I wouldn't want a relationship at the moment and he did too so we agreed on no strings attached and that we wouldn't get feelings. we met and immediately I fell in love wih him.. I didn't say anything of course and he said that night no sex please let's hang out, I disagreed and said well that's what we agreed to and now were going to.. I pushed myself onto him and after a while he stopped. The way we started was unusual slow and romantic, why did he stop? The next daay he invited me to lunch.. I met up with him thinking he actuallly meant sex..we onLy had lunch

, when departing he gave me only a soft light kiss..now he texts me morning to night always bringing up things from the times we've hungout.. what can anybody tell me from this?


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  • I think he's trying to pursue a relationship with you.


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