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In today's world some of not most women say and believe that men aren't sh*t., men are dogs, all men care about is sex, men are dumb, so forth and so on. Most of these women have been scorned by guys and as a result have developed "short sighted" opinions about men. Now here's what I've come to notice, almost all of there girls have dated a**holes, players, and bad boys and basically got pimped by them. These women failed in their quest to change these guys, got hurt and now want to blame all men in the world for what a hand full "hopefully only that many" of men have done to them. Actually lets change that, these women blaming men for their failure to pick up on the BS he was spoon feeding her.

now I'm sure some of you will say I'm wrong and honestly I bet I am on some points, please correct me. My question is how is this fair to the truly good guys out there?

also forgive me for being harsh, this topic has nothing to do with anything going on in my life I'm just wondering.


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  • That's a good question. I think women are initially attracted to this type of men because they possess a number of very manly characteristics: confidence, strength, assertiveness...

    Traditionally, these are desired qualities in a man and I suppose that's why a number of women respond positively to them.

    That said, things have changed a lot -thank goodness!- and there are many women now that don't find this kind of men attractive at all!

    Hope it helped! by the way, what do you think about this?



    • were you trying to send me a link?

    • Yes, it's the link to my question in girlsaskguys

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  • I would agree with you on a lot of what you've said. There's a lot of things about some women I just don't get.

    1)Anyone can get burnt by an a**hole or player type guy once, that's fair enough but to continuously go for the same type of guy over and over again and expecting things to be different.

    2)If their boyfriend cheats on them, they blame the other woman and are baying for her blood but forgive the boyfriend and stay with him. Why? Unless she's her sister or best friend she has no loyalty to her nor does she owe her anything.

    3)Think that if a guy only talks to her about sex, the only time he spends with her is to have sex maybe he'll develop feelings for her or he does xyz, aren't they signs?. No its pretty clear all he wants is sex.

    4) He's got a girlfriend but likes me more - Anything he does with you, he'll do to you. If he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you.

    5) Believing they can change a guy. That she's going to be the one he'll fall madly in love with and would do anything for. No he won't. If he's genuinely interested he'll change before he's with you and you won't have to ask or demand or give ultimatum, people change for themselves.

    But guys are not completely innocent either. They need to stop believing every woman who drinks, goes to clubs is easy-pickings and wants to get laid. That in order to get a woman you must treat her like sh*t.

    If people just stopped all the bullsh*t and mind games it would be for everyone's benefit, including their own.

  • Not really fair but I don't think women will jump to conclusion judging a guy even thou they are hurt by jerks..i don't think all men are the same just after being hurt by jerk I'm more aware of trusting guys that's all..but hey I think women will treasure guys when they know a truly good guys :)

    • yes and no, sometimes women will cheat on guys that are being good to them.

  • well girls blame guys because yes they have been hurt and from past experience they have learned that the guy that is truly the one for you will brake down those walls and love you for you

  • I think the reason women get mad about it is this, the players/a**holes/jerks? They have attractive male qualities. Either genetically or developed, they tend to be what women naturally seek out on a basic level. Looks, confidence, status, wealth, etc. AND those guys tend to hurt women and only care about sex.

    THEREFORE it looks to women like, the only reason other guys don't hurt or play us, is because they're not attractive enough to do so. That if given the opportunity, all guys would play and use us. Some just can, and others can't as well.

    Whereas for women, we naturally want a relationship, even the really good looking attractive girls. I guess it feels like to us that even in our best, most attractive state, we still want you guys long term. But in your best most attractive state, you play and use and throw us away like trash.

    We then believe that inherently, men are sh*t.

    • your making a lot of sense however are you saying all men would basically turn into jerks if they had the ability too?

    • That's the fear we have, because that's what we've seen so far. I guess maybe not all, but it appears most do.

    • honestly, a lot would however there a plenty of great guys that wouldn't.

  • "these women blaming men for their failure to pick up on the BS he was spoon feeding her. "

    this is a horrible argument, you're just blaming the victim, if some guy get screwed over by a gold digger, I don't say "well that's YOUR fault for believing her, not her fault for doing everything in her power to trick you out of every penny you have"

    and anyway that argument pretty much affirms that we should be openly suspicious and hostile towards men.

  • It's not fair, but some women do actually believe that all men aren't dogs. It's not always about trying to change a guy, being interested is also a reason.


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  • I will agree with you for the most part, however, they are dating the players and bad boys because they are the guys who actually have the confidence to ask them out. And, the nice guys are just standing there at the sidelines acting too cool to be approached by women. That separates the world between the players and the nice guys.

    And also, not all women think about those degrading thoughts you've written about men.

    Did you date a lot of women in your life to have these assumptions?

    Women are the nicest beings on Earth, and they have the purest, most innocent thoughts in this world.

  • All you have to do is take a look around this site and see how many men blame women for their lack of success in the dating world. So many bitter women-haters here, there's way more of them than girls who blame guys for their problems.


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