Why didn`t he answer?

i wrote a guy who I like and who will leave for a semester abroad in a few days:

i think we won`t see us anymore personally to say goodbye...

i like you and if you don't like me back that's okay I don't want drama I just wanted to say it because I would have always wondered if you like me too and we won't see us anymore so it won't be embarrasing.

also happy birthday :) I guess tomorrow you will be pretty busy

have fun, take care, don`t let the elk nibble on you and get home again safely

he didn`t reply what means he doesn`t like me

i just wonder why did he not even reply and say he doesn`t like me? just not to hurt me?

out of politeness I would write a guy back who has the guts to confess me he likes me


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  • Most of the time guys do that to basically let you Dan gentelly...


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