GUYS: what's your thoughts please help I'm so confused

Ok so this guy and I met at a coffee shop he works there and I go in there daily on my way to work he ended asking me for my number after a while I gave it to him and we texted back and forth for almost 2 months on new years invited him to come out with me and my friends to a bar he was like ya ill come then new year eve he canceled and said his dog was sick if I want I could come to his house instead I said no Because I had plans already and didn't wanna stand the others up he seemed fine with it then the fellowing week I went over to his place and we hung out as friends nothing romantic happened he seemed fine the next day nothing from him which I found odd then the day after I texted him asking if somthing was wrong its strange you didn't text me he said nothing was wrong that's its end of convo the day after that nothing again so I text him no respones he then told one of his coworkers I'm clingy and a bitch etc why the sudden change


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  • " why the sudden change"

    There wasn't a change, this guy isn't into you. 2 months and THen he makes a move?

    He invited you over to his "buds" house in hopes maybe you'll drink, become slutty and hump him.

    Then after you came over.. he didn't text you or show any signs that he wants to keep you around. Then You Text Him.

    If a guy wants a girl, he will do everything he can to take you off the market and make it known that he likes you.

    After 1-2 phone calls and if the guy hasn't tried to make plans for the two of you to hang out, you are the "i am lonely" pin pal zone.

    • If he wasn't interested then why did he ask for my number in the first place?

    • When I was single, if I was chatting up a girl and she seemed interested I'll get her number and then later on decide if I will call her... Sometimes I'll call and go from there and other times I realize I wasn't that interested.

      Girls do the same, why do some girls give their numbers out and not pick up? Well at the time they were on the fence and then after decided no.

      I've gotten numbers and not called and girls have given me numbers and never picked up. Just dating.

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