This girl says she doesn't like me but keeps talking to me?

This girl has told me several times she doesn't like me (as a person and much less as something else). I'm cool with it and mind my business but then she starts talking, teasing and trying to get my attention (and getting pissed if she doesn't get it or upset if I ignore her) so my question is, what exactly does she want? She is a friendly girl and gets along with everybody but we seem to have a lot of tension between us (people always mention it) and we do have fun days but usually we annoy each other, what is going on?


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  • Sounds like she is trying to find out where you stand with her. Just because she said she doesn't like you like that doesn't make it true it means shd isn't going to divulge her true feelings unless she feels you feel the same about her.


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  • From what you wrote it sounds like she is very confused about you.


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  • She is just having fun screwing with your head. Don't give in to her immaturity and just ignore her.

    • Thats funny because she tells me I'm immature when I get mad and "not talk" to her. Its silly

    • She's just messing with your head. Some girls get off on this. Stay strong and don't give in!

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