Do you think of people with many animals negativley

I'm asking because I'm pregnant but we also have a lot of animals. We live with his parents who have not really a farm but more mansion with a lot of land. A few years we build 2 barns and now we're pretty much taking in animals that no one else would want because they are old or have been abused.

Currently we have 4 horses, 2 donkeys, 2 cows, 8 chickens, 6 rabbits and 4 dogs as well as 2 cats that stay in the house with us.

My friend said that when we have children and they're in school they'll get make fun of because having many animals has a negative stigma.

I certainley see her point. I talked to my husband and we wouldn't give away any of the animals we have but we would think twice before adopting new ones, when some die.

I just wanted to hear some other opininons.

I think we both have above average paying jobs and we have a lot of volunteers so even with children we'd still have more than enough money to buy them what they need


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  • I don't. I'm envious, actually. I love animals. I don't think your children will be made fun of because you're not replacing human company with animals. It's different.

    Now, if you lived alone and you had a bunch of cats, that would be a different animal, so to speak. :)


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  • Tests have shown conclusively that people with many animals are the spawn of Satan, and should be ostracized by polite society. I'm sure if it weren't for your Satanic lineage you'd be very nice people, but I'm afraid your fate is sealed.


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  • As long as everything is kept clean and the animals are well cared for, I think it's great.


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