Does he maybe like me now or no?

Well we are both in gr.12 last year we got off to a rough start. He picked on me for being the new girl last year! We had drama and a gym class together and even though there were other girls in those classes he still only picked on me! it got to the point where it was harassing so I told the principal.

Well this year it changed majorly! I started taking the bus to go to a class at another school and he just happened to be on the bus too! Well I was talking to this one girl who is now my ultimate friend and I was telling her about how I want to stay true to myself and God by not having sex till I was married well that whole time he was listening and for some reason I think that changed his attitude about me!

Because now he is nicer to me and he watches me like guys do when they like you and he is protective of me we don't ever talk because I am really shy but when we are in the cafe and random guys start talking to me he will kinda look between people to watch! He also gets his friends to protect me too! One time I was at my locker and some gr.13 guys were tossing a water bottle around and one of them hit me so my crushes friend stood up for me and punched the guy saying he shouldn't of done that!

I'm also in a math class with 11th graders because I wanted to move up to academic so I have to start with 11th graders well Joe (that's my crushes name) well his friend is in that class. And it seems like whenever I'm around his friend in that class all they talk about is Joe! I asked my friend who sits beside me to keep note on what they talk about when I'm not around and she said they talk about sports! Like one time too I think they were trying to get across that no one is to mess with Joe because he is stronger then he looks and then they both peeked over at me to see if I was looking and when I did look they smiled!

So is there a chance he may like me? Even though last year was defiantly not a good year with him making fun of me in the bad harassing way! Has he maybe changed his outlook on me? Please give details why you think he might or might not like me! Thank you so much for reading this! :)


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  • Yes, because of that talk with your ultimate friend, I think his respect and attraction to you went up.

    I think he really likes you and all of the things that you noticed were green flags are really the signs.


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