Should I say happy birthday or leave it alone?

My ex's birthday is coming up. We used to be friends until we dated and then crap hit the fan and we stopped talking for a few years. He recently started adding me on a few social networks (like Instagram), but he never actually interacts with me (or anyone else for that matter). Do you think it's a good idea to wish him a happy birthday or should I continue to ignore him?


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  • Yes, it's his special day.

    It doesn't cost much just to say those words, and it doesn't mean anything in the dating world.

    It's like you're angry with your mom and her birthday's tomorrow, would you greet her?


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  • I wouldn't do it since it's been a while

  • Personally I would ignore him. But then again I wished my ex a happy birthday last year so I don't know :/

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