Do you think this is normal?

My 20 year old sister has a strange "problem".

When we go to the supermarket or to any other place where guys may work she refuses to talk to them and says that their presence pisses her off!

I use to tell her that she's afraid of guys but she says that it's not true.

Do you think I'm wrong?


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  • try talking about boys more with her and show her they're not that bad...she might have had a bad/hurtful experience that she's never talked about and through just generally being more open about guys it might lead her to tell you about it? I mean it depends if you two are close or not as well.


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  • IMO "their presence pisses her off" doesn't sound like shyness, it sounds like misandry. She should seek therapy to help her work through her issues.

    • Sometimes she says that she must be at a convent and become a nun.I think she doesn't want to be close to guys.

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