How to be in a relationship?? Things I shouldn't’t do? Things I should do??

SO it’s been a wile since I’vie been in a committed relationship wear were serious, I just have been threw a lot this past year and have had so much going on I feel like I need to re-learn how to be a good girlfriend again. That’s wear you all come in. lol lame I know but My friends think I’m being silly. THeir’s this one guy I really like and have been on and off with since 2011 and want to be a better girlfriend this time around. Were more of the scarstic ,cocky, couple. But I want to show him I can be sweet too.

TEXTING- like how much is too much? I’m use to the guys blowing up my phone , never had to try and now I do. I get the urge to text him but stop cause I don’t know what to say, or don’t wanna bug him. Is cute to send random pix? Not all the time but like every so often. GUYS &GIRLS what are some cute things to send your man?

DRIVING- I crashed my car this summer, haven't gotten a new one yet cause of family being scared of what will happen again. He’s always coming over and picking me up when we hang out, or he comes over to my house. But he has a big truck, and it’s lifted so it takes a lot of gas plus he lives across town. I feel bad that he’s doing all the driving, I hate asking him to come chill cause I feel bad about that situation. Am I just being silly? Guys would you mind this? I plan on getting a car but not til later this year. I just don’t wanna burden him.

CONFRONTATION- He’s not been the best boyfriend , and dose some things that bother me , but cause were so complicated I don’t wanna start a fight with him. Cause we’ve never had a fight. Like he never introduces me to people, like when we went to his fam bbq . Or his friends introduce me for him. When we hung with his cousins and fam once they were rude, and I didn’t like the way they were talking to me joking or not I’m still a lady. And I was like babe that's rude! He’s like so? Just pissed me off . Or when we went out new years we stooped at this bonfire and this drunk chick was all over him . I’m more like you wanna be with me your a big boy you can get the slut off you if you don’t want her their. I just never talked to him about stuff that bothered me before cause we have never really been serious, but now I’m starting to really like him. I just don’t wanna be that over dramatic girlfriend. Like right now were not official, were in that kind of stage. He’s always been the guy I’ve told the stuff your not suppose to tell guys guy. Even when we were just f*** buddies. I don't know he’s just more on my level, and we tried dating b4 but I don't know it’s like one day we just stooped talking , never said anything about it just stooped. Then started talking again like nothing ever happened. We never talked about it. I don't know I just need some tips on cute things to do and don’t do. Any suggestions?

Also when we are with his family or friends I don’t really have anything in common with them , keeping a conversation is a bit hard. I usually end up being kind of quiet, even when I do have something to talk about they end up talking over me. They do that to him too tho. I’m trying , really hard, but it’s taking a wile to come up with sh*t to talk about. Would that be a problem? Guys how would this effect the relationship? How to help fix it faster?
Normally i’m a people person , it just might take me a sec to get the convo started but I’m good at keeping it going . It’s just with his fam and friends, that’s hard like litterly nothing in common. But him I have no problem talking too and keeping the convo going.


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  • TEXTING- its OK to text him every now and then but just not TOOOO much. Let him hit you first sometimes. I would say you should at least text him first maybe twice a day. Send random pics are cute sometimes...But on other occasions they can be a bad thing. He may take it the wrong way and think you're weird so if he doesn't ask for them...Don't send them. Sending a random pic maybe once a month is cool though. Some cute things to send are just natural pics of you in your element...with a little caption saying "missing you" or some with you all dolled up looking cute with a caption that says "wish you were here. Don't send and naked pics...not this early in the relationship.

    DRIVING-Don't feel bad. I think it would be a problem if you had a car cause then it would seem like your more in control in the relationship and guys tend to not like that. I understand that you feel weird about having him coming over to get you all the time but hey, if he doesn't mind doing it then you shouldn't either. If gas isn't a problem for him then it shouldn't be a problem for you...If he's willing to always drive to you then that most likely means he enjoys being around you. can ask if you can pay for the gas sometimes...Or even ask when he comes to get you if you can drive. But don't stress too much over it.

    CONFRONTATION- Early confrontation can be a good and bad thing. Depends on the kind of guy your dealing with and the type of relationship you have. If you guys have a friendship then it should be easy for you to just be real with him and say "hey, I'm really gaining feelings for you, and I want to know if your on the same page as me because if your are I'm willing to do everything I can to make this relationship work...I just need for you to do the same also...You know meet me half way on things." then from there you lean in towards talking about how you don't like to not be introduced when you guys are out and so on. Explain to him that if you guys are going to be together then he needs to find away to let all the sluts know that he's yours. Letting a female get up on you is disrespectful and immature. Hope I helped !

    • THank you you helped a lot. I use to be the one in a serious relationship, then got out of it I guess. Now that i’ve fount someone I like i’ve noticed things my friends and their guys. And it’s the opposite of what your suposed to do in a relationship. Like send pix all the time, and talk about future sh*t early. So had me confused to the max lol .

  • For starters calm down and relax.

    Just be yourself and not act over confident or cocky. You should be fine. :-)


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