She wants to know why I am interested in her, what are good reasons ?

I talk to her and told her that she is attractive she speaks 3 different languages and if I was able to take her out ill be able to get to know her a little more but she keep saying "why though why her instead of other girls that was throwing themselves at me, why her ? What the hell do she want me to say lol


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  • LOL! What do you mean what are good reasons? WHY do you like her? Just be honest!

    • Check out the details I put did you see. ? Lol

    • Should I be like her smile the way she carry her self smart and funny I like the way she dress... She gone give me Another chance tomorrow to come with a good reason why her so I need something to say that will catch her eye. Do you have any suggestions ?

    • What I mean is that there's no way to know if that's okay or what she wants to hear from you... You're the only one who would know the actual answer!

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  • omg are you dumb or slow respond?they just need one answer, you like her cause she is the one can make your heart beating fast, she is the one when you hang out together you feel happy, when see her you feel and have different feeling then other girl. She is the one you think you can be with you and you choose her cause you very like her.

    • and you believe you are the one she needs cause you will make her life happy and make her keep smiling.

  • She just wants reassurance that you really like her.


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