Bday gift for boyfriend?

Plz help me out,i want to gift him something that wouldn't be just " a useless/lame gift" I'm 17 he's 16. Gift can be expensive,but not as expensive as really expensive like watch or smth like that , something original, something "cool".

And just out of curiosity girls,what would you gift for you boyfriend for birthday? Boys what would you like to get on your birthday?

I recently have became friends with this guy and now we are a couple(also met him few times before in past half year), and his birthday is after ~2 months and there's a big problem,I have no idea what kind of gift I should get him, my bff has a boyfriend and she is got him a real good watch, but they have been together for more than year already and their relationship is serious for sure, and I'm not in such a serious relationship yet to buy really expensive gifts. I want to gift him something that he would really like,not the small things like handmade stuff or letters or romantic dinner, something like a bracelet engraved with words ( but he doesn't wear bracelets), I thought of ring( but that may seem weird,since ring associate with engagement or smth like that) , thought of men sweatshirt with original cool print on it,specially ordered, but where I live there are no places where I could order that.


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  • No rings that would scare the crap out of him, and as a rule of thumb don't ever get guys jewelry, it's OK but we usually won't use it or like it. The best birthday gift I've ever received from a girl was a bag of random things she knew I liked but would never buy, like playdough, finger paint, coloring books, a tacobell 12 pack, headphones, chocolate, and a really funny card (the first 3 are all cause I'm still a child at heart). Also if you get a card or write a letter, make it funny or find a funny one, sappy is cute, funny is awesome. Headphones are good cause most guys love music, hoodies are nice but not always the best, food is a win no matter what, bake him cookies, bring him his favorite snacks, whatever, food is bomb and guys will take that over most sappy sentimental gifts. Other good small gifts if you want to do that are things that you two have in common, a mini soccer ball if you both play, a cd of band you both like (although vinyls are cooler). a key chain of a car he love's, a hat of his favorite sports team ( or jacket, jersey, keychain, etc. if he doesn't wear hats), if you want more ideas I got some but there's a start.


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  • I think a good cellphone strap will be good. A cool cap, or a shirt is the best gift.

    Something that he sees or uses everyday that remind him of you are the best gifts you can give a guy. I love how thoughtful you are as a girlfriend.

  • You should get him a flask. What's the drinking age now? 16?

  • something you think he will look good in


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