Hey guys ! I need your help in my situation in my relationship

Me & My boyfriend we met at school four years ago and for two years he loved me and I didn't feel the same.. he kept on trying until he did and now its almost two years and we are together ... he was PERFECTTTT and I couldn't ask for more , every girl would want a guy like that ..then suddenly things start to change ...there wasn't anything I wouldn't love about him but then ...suddenly he turned out to be a person I barely know its like I'm meeting someone new with different personality he just wants everything to go on his own way ...he doesn't listen..whenever I say something that bothered me he gets mad and start shouting and saying stuff no girl would want to hear ..insults ...specially when he gets jealous because I talked about or with another guy

i don't know what's wrong and I've been trying my best to listen to him or understand him and he keeps on blaming me for stuff I didn't do , its always my fault no matter how many insults ,and no matter of all his faults ,its always my fault and I handle it and I sometimes say sorry even if I didn't do anything I am really tired of this situation , I can't do anything ...i can't say stuff that bothers me to him , he doesn't trust me or respect me anymore and at the same time he loves me and I know he doesn't want to leave me , he did a lot of stuff that hurts me in the past with a girl and many other insults shouting and a lot more and I simply forgave him and I got back to him ... I won't say he isn't better now because actually he is kind of much better but I still have this problem that he only does what he wants and he doesn't consider any of my feelings and he always make me feel like a liar or something q:


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  • This is a relationship gone bad, and by the sounds of it, its broken beyond repair, because if he no longer respects you as an individual, then he never will, your time has come to walk away, he will only see this relationship as a covenience for him, don't be trampled on by someone you thought loved you, prove to yourself that you still have self respect and refuse to be treated like a door mat, maybe then he will change back to that guy you fell in love with, but if you don't show him you respect yourself, then he won't even try to respect you again, you have talents, they won't go unnoticed,x

    • Its really hard to live without him because I love him so much despite the stuff he does but ill try mybest to show him hat he shouldn't take me for granted and ill walk away when its the right time like you said ., I think you are right because he shouldn't treat me this way ... thank you :D

    • I don't believe your be walking away for long, because if he really cares, he will realize that he has been taking you for granted and treating you unfairly, and when he does, he will come to you with all the things he's willing to change if you give him another chance, I understand its hard, but it really will improve your situation, because this is a demand of respect, your right to demand, and his duty to give that respect to you,x

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