Gift Return to Ex's Parents

I was dating someone for a couple of months and it got serious pretty quick.

Now over the Christmas season her parents got me some very nice gifts and I really respected them as people, as they were nothing but nice and welcoming to me.

However, due to inreconcilable differences, my girlfriend and I broke up.

Soooo,...So when all is said and done, I have these gift from her parents, and for some reason it's not sitting right for me to keep them. I'm debating to send back the gifts to them(via UPS or other type media). Not so much for her, but out of respect for her parents.

I'm wondering if there is another way to see this, or does this sound okay to do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would never return gifts, because this means you re angry with them/ rejecting them. If they offered you gifts it is because they liked you as a person, on top of being their daughter's boyfriend. I think they would be more offended if you return them than if you keep them.

    Imagine if they returned the gifts you gave them. How would you feel? respected or rejected out of their life?


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What Girls Said 3

  • I agree with the guy below. It would show disrespet to NOT keep them. Out of sight out of mind, just let it go.

  • No don't return them. Its disrespectful

  • Sure do it if you feel that's the right thing for you


What Guys Said 1

  • No, I wouldn't do it. If you still like and respect them, then keeping their gifts (to me) is the most appropriate thing to do. Sending them back would be kind of rude and make it seem like you have a problem with EVERYONE, not just your ex.

    Just hold onto the stuff and don't worry about it, I say.


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