Should I contact him again?

I'm not the crazy ex-girlfriend type.

I started dating my ex last year around this time of the year, and we had amazing plans for this year. Last year, days before finishing classes I broke up with him I was in a dark place and I needed to feel taken into account. (He is younger than me so I excused him about somethings but I didn't felt that he care about me as much as I did)

We both had great plans for traveling so we haven't talk since he went to Brazil, and I went to another country.

I'm days away of returning and I honestly MISS him. I do want to talk to him and just be with him a little time to see if we can pass all these.

He is really proud so I know he won't contact me even though I know (from some people) that he sometimes miss me.

I don't know what to do so I'm asking for help. I was kind of seeing this other guy but since new year he has been really weird and I told him I missed my ex.

What should I do?


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  • You should contact your ex. By establishing communication with him, it reignites the old feeling that you two once shared together. It also breeds a air of attraction and interest which I think will pave the way for the both of you towards reconciling with each other again.


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