What to do after a fight with the guy you are seeing?

We've been dating for 4 months and he insist on not showing any emotions or commitment because women act like he is their bitch after he show him the soft side. He is now after someone that makes him feels good instead of a title.

We had an ugly fight but we still stay together that night. He said it's too late for you to go home, but I still need time to process the fight. He gave me a very thoughtful gift. I show him I really appreciate it, and hug him. He said I'm not happy with tonight.

We cuddle each other while sleeping and the next day he seem very cold and distance. He end the day with "take it easy"


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  • "Take it easy" is a line I used to use when I planned on not planning on seeing a girl again but chances are things will blow over and you two will see each other soon.

    • That's what I thought, but I wonder why he gave me a gift last night. It was a very thoughtful one too. It shows he really did some observation and remembers a place I associate lots of good memories with

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    • Don't give him a next time

    • Thnx for best answer hun

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  • He obviously has some sort of trust issues, but he has to realize that you are you & not the women in his past. A title might not seem very important, but it is because if you stop talking, it might hurt just as much as it would a break up with a boyfriend. Is he putting the effort in to you two? That's a very important question. Try not to over think it, but do talk soon.

    • He act like he put in no effort but the gift he gave me last night shows he spot what I need, looks like he's been paying lots of attention without showing it to me.

      He was still very affectionate after the fight.. but this morning he is more distance.. when he said take it easy while dropping me off did scares me a bit :(

    • I had a "friends with benefits" (I hate that term), that was like my boyfriend. He'd be affectionate whenever he wanted to & distant when he felt like it. He said he didn't take me for granted, but at the end when we ended our relationship I told him "you never even made the effort" & what he said hurt like a bitch, he said "there was no effort needed to be made", basically saying he never intended to try & that was a couple months worth.

    • Wow that guy sounds like a douche, him saying " there was no effort needed to be made" was like saying he takes your for granted lol!

      Good for you for ditching him!

      I guess I should be happy he gave me that thoughtful gift. hope he will be in contact soon as soon as he finish prcoessing

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