Boyfriend is becoming controlling

Ive been in this relationship for a year now, it's my first real relationship and I love him so much but I'm getting less happy each day. He FLIPS when I choose to be with my friends instead of him and he's always accusing me of cheating. Yet, he goes out and gets drunk with his friends and doesn't even think about me enought to text me or even text BACK.

This is just unfair to me and for the past year, I followed his restrictions, and I'm not the type to do that!

He argues with me about everything but the few times I try to confront him, he feels I'm being ridiculous.

Im not happy but I feel like if we break up, he's have a new girlfriend fast and flaunt her in my face while I sit there alone. I just don't know what to do I'm so confused, please help!


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  • Its your life and you only have one. You need to tell him to change his ways of being so controlling, or you'llonly hurt yourself more in the long run.

    If he Loves and respects you, he'll back off and change for a better future for you.

    You need to be upfront an tell him what he's doinbg to you is wrong, Tell him how unfair this makes you feel and tell him your not that type of girl who cheats.

    If he Decides to break up with you, than he wasn't worth your time to begin with. Remember

    "What's most important are your Feelings not his."


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What Guys Said 2

  • Don't hope he'll change, he wont, maybe he he will for a while, but if you stick with him he'll go right back to how he was I guarantee it a hundred percent. Break up with him, find a better man and move on. As they saw there are much more fish in the sea. I know it's hard because it's your first relationship but they are much better man out there than what you described, if you stay with him you'll resent it for the rest of your life.

  • Why would you put up with this type of behavior?!? Get out now! You say you're not the type to put up with this, so prove it.


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  • let me get this straight, you're not happy and you want to break up but you won't do it because he'll flaunt other girls in your face once you break up? that's honestly ridiculous, if you're not happy and he's this controlling dump him! he's clearly not the right guy for you and who cares if he can get other girls , find yourself another boyfriend


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