Is he using his family as an excuse to not see me? Should I believe him?

I was supposed to meet up with my guy friend in his country. I had not dropped by to see him specifically, but there was a change of plans so I had asked if he wanted to meet up. He said he wants to bring me around but his family might have plans. Now he says his relatives are here. If he didn't want to meet, why not just say, no? How do I best respond to his message below?

" Ok.for now I really do not know how long they will be staying with us, it will depend on how their medical check-up turn out etc.

I would still prefer to meet you however that might happen later then we had planned.

Will it be easier if I tell you to plan your itinerary and just stick to it first? I'll try to improvise like maybe go meet you at certain locations? Basically chances look quite slim the first 2 days.

hopefully I can give you clearer outline of our plan after their visit to the hospital."


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  • I think he really wants to see you as well.

    Well, just reply "I'll just update you about my plans, and see you then. Mwah, love Me."


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  • Sounds like he's leading you on yes, sorry to say it but that's my honest opinion. I'd plan your vacation to not include him and if he wants to go out of his way to meet then do it, if not don't worry about it.

  • sometimes things happen, but don't give up, try to make certain plans a sureshot. Try again with Love if he's worth it.


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