Was he flirting with me?

Went to my friend's party & this guy who I made out with a few years ago was there. He had texted me trying to get together after that but I was really busy & I guess I blew him off one too many times so he stopped trying. Understandable. Anyway so after a year we see each other at a mutual friend's party. The minute I get there he gives me a huge hug and congratulates me on my new movie deal (which I never told him about). He then gives me these HUGE compliments about my paintings that I posted on Facebook and said "You are the best, most talented artist I've ever known" and he just went on and on about how talented I am for a good 15 minutes. He then pulled my paintings up on his phone and passed his phone around because he wanted everyone to see how amazing I am (his words not mine).

After that he would constantly tease me all night about anything, he kept playfully hitting me, touching my nose, my cheek, arm, hair, legs. Sitting really close to me, leaning on me, taking my hand and holding it, trying to beat me up (playfully of course) He played a joke on me by taking my phone and hiding it in his pants. He would constantly call out my name and single me out & the drunker he got the more he did it.

Is he interested in me? Why wouldn't he just ask me out?


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  • yeah you definitely want to text him texting a guy doesn't make you look desperate it makes you look like you actualy care and makes you look special and stand out in a good way to him congratz on your paintings and move deal you definitely wanna text him :) goodluck

    • Thanks! I never texted a guy first (who I wasn't in a relationship with) what should I say?

    • I would say that it was really sweet what he did at the party and maybe ask if there's something more between the two of you if he gives you some half answer you may just wanna go ahead and tell him straight up I like you as more than a friend I would really appreciate that if a girl said that to me instead of making me guess and think about it all day

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  • dunno, sounds like you either have a Facebook stalker or he's very into you after all those rejections.

    Its obvious he's into you but, how do you honestly feel about him always commenting on your Facebook.? Can you handle a Lover like that? or doyou seek his Attention an nothing more?

    these are only a few questions you need to ask yourself first.

  • Of course he is interested in you, my god, he might have well just confessed his love to you. Have you indicated any interest in him (even by simple means like smiling, teasing back, etc)? He's probably waiting for that before he makes a move.

    • Hey thanks, yes I did. I would push him and smile. If you were watching us you'd clearly know we were both into each other. That's why I'm just not sure why he's not asking me out. Oh and he keeps posting random things on my Facebook which he had never done before. So I'm just really confused.

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    • You should text him, since he is into you and insecure, he would appreciate it. He will not think you are desperate or too interested, he'll be comforted and excited.

    • Thanks so much for your help! Keep your fingers crossed! :)

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