Is it normal to get along with a girl and talk a lot and yet argue all the time?

Its just weird. We laugh and talk but most of our intereactione are those of two people being smartasses to one another, giving a hard time and play fighting (verbally) a lot. My friends tell me tha if we got married we would probably NEVER stop talking and always have one long conversation that would never end (and say that she seems to like arguing with me and has fun, even if she says she doesn't). I have to say I like it and as soon as we are close to each other, we take jabs at each other, its awesome in a way but kinda weird...


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  • I just think there's a lot of comfort with you guys. Girl's won't ever act like that unless they are confident that what you say, you don't mean. It's rare but it does happen.

    I'd say it is normal. If you're asking if she likes you, not enough details were given.


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