How can I be more outgoing?

I consider myself to be a happy confident guy but I am a bit reserved... I mean I think a lot and don't say too much unless I know the people really well and even at that when I do say things they are usually meaningful and not just random comments but I have noticed that the outgoing guys have much better luck with girls and making people feel comfortable... how can I be more outgoing?


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  • Would you feel confortable with being more outgoing? Because when your behavior would seem to be obviously artificial it wouldn't help either.

    Yes outgoing guys, have more luck with girls, but I have sometimes the feeling very outgoing guys are are aware of their affection on girls and if he wouldn't talk to me, he just would talk to some other girl...or I sometimes have the suspect that I am not the only one...well that's maybe not true as well, but just my experience. When a guy likes to flirt with me, he probably flirt with other girls as well.

    So you probably just fine the way you are.


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