Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed in Terminator-5,Your Views?

I've been thinking a lot about Terminator 5 since arnie is my inspiration since childhood and I am very much attached to his terminator character emotionally so I don't want him to retire from being a machine.

Last time in terminator 3 he was 56 years old something,he had a heart surgery,ribs fracture and when they came to him with the script of T-3 he was not ready with the physique considering his role of an ageless machine, he asked for 3 months following arigorous training and 'He was Back"

.. link

link (he looked exceptionally well for his age)

I feel he can repeat the history again for T-5...he still look good for his age



he still has better arms than branch

with 6 months of rigorous training and planned diet.

with some collagen and botox he will look even more better...(Nowadays young actresses and actors are taking it casually then why not arnie ..he deserve those perks)

What do you think about it?


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  • Good to see him again after a long time...


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  • i'm used to him being the terminator,and I know that T5 won't compare to T2 anyway and losing arnold will just worsen the situation-but,he's meant to be a cyborg-yeah,it would've worked if this was the positronic man (okay,andrew is technically an android),but I just don't see a badass like the terminator going ''lolz,i vuw you so much I wanna die''. the terminator shouldn't age,and there's no magic that can make him look THAT young.

    • I feel if ne1 else is given that won't be a success ...only arnie can do justice...i agree he won't look that good...but his fans wants to see him as terminator till death...they have already started preparation for t-5...i hope it works

    • I'm with xzinax2. It's not going to work. He'll never look THAT young. I'm sorry, Shumailkazimi, but even speaking as a huge Terminator fan, and a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have to say that it would only be a disappointment to see such a film do something that lousy. I can't say I'll boycott this film, but I can tell you this, I'm not thrilled yet. I may have to wait to Netflix this, or Torrent it (because you never know with Canadian Netflix) later on.

    • Totally agree with that answer. Why would a cyborg suddenly be old? It doesn't even make any sense.

  • Embarrassing...

    • y embarrassing?

      this man still has the guts and we can make him look younger...then what's the problem?

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    • every1 has their personal opinion...I can't argue on this.

    • I'm back. Anyway, I think Stallone can do both. He's still got it as an action star, and mainly because he has the common sense to play on the idea that his characters are really old. For example, "Bullet To The Head".

What Guys Said 3

  • Nah, man, I think he should stop for some of these characters. For example him doing Terminator 5 is just stupid, and you did here about him being in a new Conan, right? I love

    Arnold Schwarzenegger as much as the next man (and I'm assuming it's just men here, because most women I know can't stand him or his movies) but he's way too old, way too wrinkled, and no matter what, it won't be the same. Especially not Terminator 5. Good god, he's supposed to be an unaging cyborg for crying out loud.

    Plus if they're not rebooting the franchise, I think they should just do more SG Schwarzeneggers making cameos like they did in the T4. I kinda thought it was cool they way they did the CG Schwarzenegger in T4. I mean it wasn't perfect, but I thought it looked pretty good, and it was cool to see. But anyway, as much as I like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I prefer he stay out of the series by now. We have a number of canonical, in continuity reasons to not use him at this point, lets put Arnold in other things. Something he can actually still play.

    With all that said, I am looking forward to The Last Stand, The Tomb and Ten. I also wouldn't mind seeing more Expendables films. He can move on now. Get back to his career as an action hero, but play something different. He's too old for Terminator, and too old for Conan. It's sad, but it's true. He just is.

  • They'll just make him in CGI just like before, no problem.

  • Emotional connection? Really? Anyhoo he looks awesome and even though he is a d***head and a cheater (and I think he is sincere with being sorry but he would cheat again if he has the same libido) I hope he does the next movie.


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