Guys what do you say?

If you're about to ask a girl out, what would you say and/or do?

~Even if your answer has been said I still wanna know it c:

~Guys I want as many answers as I can get



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  • So yea you can take the dudes approach below, like it it's really mellow, but if you know the girl likes a direct approach rain her (just me) with add on s before you lay it for example,"I've liked you for a while to be honest and I think your the sweetest girl here (school, work, church, wherever) and I like how you r, like your smile and, I would like to get to know you more , I'm going to blank (wherever) and I'd like if you'd come with me and we can make a day out of it"...something like that and yes I have used it and so far it hasn't gone all bad


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  • I just simply go talk to her, have some casual to deep conversation, then ask her out later.

    • But what do you say...

      Wanna go out?

      Wanna date me?


    • I'll say: "I just remembered, I'm going to this coffee shop this afternoon because they have a new product. I heard it's the most delicious they've done in a while. Come with me."

    • Oh OK sounds alright.

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