Why do I have such a hard time opening up to people?

I don't know why. But I never open up to people. I feel like there's no point to opening up because they won't be in my life forever. I still haven't really opened up to my best who I've known since elementary school. I'm not sure if it is because of my anxiety and I'm scared to see what they think of me after I open up to them or... I don't even know... :/ I can't even open up to my parents. I usually have very short relationships because they say I'm too "nervous" or I "don't tell them anything" or I don't "show emotion/ express my feelings" . I mean I really want them to know I care about them but I am just terrified to death what they will think of me.. And I can honestly say I am ashamed of myself because of that.. Any ideas?


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  • Im not really sure what to say as I do the exact same thing you just described... but what I do know is it will bite you later on hard especially if you really found someone you felt a connection with but dident know how to go about it and never expressed any emotions about it because of fear you just have to find strength inside you to let your guard down and let them in. It will really haunt you trust me on that. in if you have anxiety you can take medication if you chose so or focus on it everyday and anaylze why your so anxious and take out the problem and irrational fears everybody has their own issues and reason for having anxiety for me I have some trust issues and just feel everyone is out to get me I just see the negative side of things mostly and think why bother.

    • It will definitely haunt you, all those opportunities you missed...

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