Should I stay with my boyfriend?

So lately my boyfriend and I have been arguing a lot. everything I say makes him mad. I'm constantly having to apologize, I really don't like it. whenever he says something hurtful I have to put up with it and pretend as if I'm happy when I'm really not. it's really hard to be myself around him. he raised his voice at me today for the first time over the phone. he was on his lunch break and I said something and he got mad and made me sound like an idiot. I don't know if he was with anyone else and tried to make himself sound tough or what not but it hurt me.. it really brought back bad memories from my previous relationship. I really don't know if I should stay with him or not.


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  • Don't let things continue.

    Either leave, or, try to get things turned around, and if that's nto possible, leave.

    But things as they are are not working.

    • he started acting really sweet and apologizing for the way he's been acting. bought me flowers and took me to dinner. I don't know what to do

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  • This is probably going to continue to happen until one of you eventually calls it off. I'd say move on before things go from verbal to physical.


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  • If he isn't willing to treat you as an angel, then you need to give him space. Maybe take a break from each other for awhile, don't date anyone, just spend sometime apart. If he doesn't come around, the leave. Good luck!


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