Why is my friend acting weird on me?

So me and my friend David met each other in High School. David is 22 years old and I'm 20 years old. After he graduated high school I never heard from him for a while until we found each other on Facebook. He randomly started talking to me first and we started to catch up with each other since its been so long. Over time I started getting a crush on him. Over our chats and texts. He would say things like you are beautiful and gorgeous. He would also things like if we were a couple etc, etc. and he told me that he had a little emotional draw to me.(I'm not sure what that means) I didn't know how to respond to the emotional draw thing so I just told him "I kinda like you" and he said "I kinda like you too." David is also the one who always texts me first and stuff. So he tried texting me 3 times recently but I didn't respond until later because I was asleep. So we were texting each other and he said to me "if I wasn't seeing someone right now, I'd spend New Years with you". I was like are you serious? So I asked him if he was really seeing someone? And he avoided my question. He kept texting me. Lately he has been a bit distant with me. I don't understand why he would talk to me if he is seeing someone right now? Now I'm confused. What should I do?


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  • It's because he's really attracted to you.

    For now, assume that he doesn't seeing anyone right now. If you feel that way, I think things will flow between the two of you smoothly.

    • He doesn't what? Sorry that sentence didn't make sense to me :P

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  • If he is seeing someone and flirting this way with you just think about what might happen.

    You 2 get together someday and then he flirts with other women and maybe cheats.

    Best to move on.

    Good Luck!

  • he's attracted to you but...avoiding important questions is a bit much.

  • Haha, my name's David and I'm 23. I'm going to be 24, in two months. Just thought the story was cool since it sounds like me a little bit


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