He keeps making me feel unsure. :(

Christmas Eve was great and good! I felt happy and like everything was getting better. New Year Mass, he served on my side that I believed he could chose not to. I was not sure if it was a coincidence or he wanted to do so. The week after that, I felt like he totally ignored me unlike other times. Already 3 weeks included today, he went to church on Saturday instead. Today, Sunday, I felt like his friend(s) kept look at me sometimes. I want to talk, but afraid to send him a message because he has not added me again since the event last year... :(

#Last year, things got weird between us that I sent him a message to clear. I guess the message was awkward and so he never replied and blocked me. I found out the girl (that T) that my friend, M( not anymore) told me that T and him were together now got a boyfriend and plus I never saw that T and him's relationship status updated or pictures. After the message I sent and that event, he ignored me for 2 months and then showed weird behaviors again. I kept receive mixed signals from him so I am not sure if he truly likes me. At church, there is so many people so I can't make up my mind until he tells me something. I don't mind if it's a message online or phone call. His mixed signals were like starring, smiling, etc.

What to do? I don't want to be a stalker in his profile. If he just confesses, I will say yes! He makes me feel so uncertain of how he feels and how I ALSO FEEL toward him.


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  • To deal with it, it's best if you spend time and talk to him a lot.

    And, if ever you got into deep conversation, you try talking about your feelings to each other.

    Nothing will happen if you rely on signals.

    • Thanks! I thought about that, too...but we don't go to the same college. If he has not said anything since like the time we met (summer 2010), would it be that he's not interested, but just flirts for fun? We just see each other at church and sometimes we don't. Giving up or still want to talk? I still wonder. :(

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