My girlfriend says I gave her a UTI. What can I do?

Ok, so my girlfriend just told me she has a UTI, and that I gave it to her. She hasn't been to the doctor yet. I mean, I wash my hands frequently but I guess not right before we fooled around and she didn't pee before and after. We were together Friday night and Saturday and she just told me today. I'm not looking for medical advice, because she's going to a doctor and I not trying to avoid ut blame because if it's something I caused I wanna know so I can prevent it from happening again. My question, is there anything I can say or do to make her more comfortable both physically and mentally? I'm worried she's in pain and feels awkward and I don't want her to feel like that. How can I help her?


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  • Having an active sexual life, in women, carries risks. She can't, in any possible way, blame you for her UTI. She's an adult, she knows her body, she knows what's good or bad for her. You want to make her feel better, that's OK. Feeling bad for something it's not your fault is not.


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  • If this ever happens again, usually they are caused by E. coli , make sure never to go anal to vaginal, even rubbing around the rectal area then going vaginally not a good idea. For her peeing before, definitely after, drink cranberry juice, plenty of water, if in pain glass of water with a tsp of baking soda sometimes helps, showers not baths, and always get your antibiotics and finish your full treatment. Also if there is bladder pain a nice heating pad over the area can help.


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  • Are you circumcised?

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    • Makes sense but I shower very thoroughly. And I showered right before we were together.

    • Could be a combination of you both then, who knows. If it's a reoccurring thing, then maybe talk to a doctor but it shouldn't happen all the time.

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