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Okay so recently this girl and I decided okay we didn't fit each other. We used to talk pretty good and after then she is giving me one worded answers and don't talk as much. I noticed one day after posting a song that I like, but it was about a guy breaking up with a girl and him telling her not to come back. I have posted this song before and did it a few weeks after the whole thing went down. I also posted that I just like the song and just reppin the artist since that is one of his bigger songs. So I noticed she put something on her page that kind of takes a shot at what I posted. My thing is it is hard not to notice what is going on, but at the same time I am trying to be conceited to think that it is about me. The reason being is that I know that I didn't post up anything to try and say anything bad about her and I tried to put it out there that I just like the song.

My thing is if you want to be friends then I don't have a problem. I can always move on, but don't say that and then act like we are enemies.


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  • I can't say if she's posting the song about you are not (It can happen, but you'd have to be someone she really thinks about for her to do that, or the very least the friendship had to mean enough to affect her). I don't know what happened between you two, but I think you guys should talk with each other, be adults, and try to sort things out. It's OK if you guys don't fit, or if one of you doesn't want to be friends, but if she is acting like the two of you are enemies she needs to stop. If you feel it's best just not to talk to her than just move on and block her posts so you don't have to see it.


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